Year 4 - Boys and Girls mixed

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For full details of the grade please read the letter from our Grade Convenor here.


For boys and girls who are in Year 4 at school at the start of the cricket season.  It is Club policy that all players should play in their correct grade unless the player concerned has exceptional skills and if this is the case then he or she may play up one grade.

Where and when

Teams play against other teams from the University Club, and Parnell CC and Grafton CC.

This season, the majority of games will be played on Saturday mornings.  However there will be some games on Friday evenings due to the shortage of grounds in our area.  It is envisaged that each team will play 3 or 4 games on Fridays during the season.

On Saturday mornings, play commences at 8.30am at these venues:

  • Colin Maiden Park
  • Bloodworth Park
  • Orakei Domain
  • Victoria Park
  • Cox's Bay

On Friday evenings, games commence at 4.45pm at either Colin Maiden Park or Bloodworth Park.


Saturday morning cancellations will be mde by 7:00am and published on this website - there is a quick-link to the cancellatios page in the left column.


Teams will be made up of 8 players and where possible we put friends in the same team. Team names are:

  • Bombers
  • Eagles
  • Falcons
  • Harriers
  • Hellcats
  • Hornets
  • Jets
  • Lancasters
  • Phantoms
  • Skyhawks
  • Spitfires
  • Thunderbolts
  • Tomcats

Game conditions

Teams play on an 14-metre pitch with an incrediball (a soft cricket ball with a seam).
Games last for approximately 2 hours and consist of 16 overs per innings.
Every player must bowl 2 overs and they bat in pairs for 4 overs.
This grade is non-championship and the emphasis is on total participation and fun.


The season starts on the first weekend after Labour weekend and finishes on the last-but-one  weekend in March.  The season breaks during the Christmas school holidays.

Playing Conditions

Refer Year 4 rules >>


The Club is reliant on volunteer support to coach and manage these teams. Teams are expected to practice once a week for no more than 60 minutes.

Qualified coaching support will be provided by the Club to assist volunteer coaches, umpires, scorers and all players at various times during the season.  This will consist of support during training sessions and various coaching clinics for players.  All team Coaches and Practice Assistants will be expected to attend the “Foundation” training programme (unless attended in the last 3 seasons) which is a one-evening, 90-minute course run in October at a venue in our local area, plus an online module.

Parental involvement

The Club relies on volunteer support from parents.

Each team will need a Manager and parents are encouraged to score, umpire and maintain team records and player statistics. It is important that the Coach be allowed to concentrate on coaching but this can only be achieved if parents are prepared to take on these other important tasks.

Alternatively, parents can also volunteer their time for sub-committee work (eg: social, prize giving, team photos etc).  The time commitment for most sub-committee work would not exceed 4-5 hours during the entire season.  Refer Getting Involved.


Players must wear the Club uniform during Saturday morning competition. The Blue Cap and Club Shirt is available from Players Sports, 14 Melrose Street, Newmarket. The uniform consists of:

  • Blue cap or white brimmed hat with club logo
  • Club shirt - click here to view
  • White shorts or longs
  • White or cream sports socks
  • Sports shoes
  • White sleeveless jersey (optional)

Note: all cricket equipment is provided by the Club.


Players, coaches, parents and supporters are required to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct and behaviour must be consistent with the Club’s Values.  Refer to the Code of Conduct and Club Values.


At the end of the season, the following team awards are be awarded to players in each team:

  • Batting award
  • Bowling award
  • Fielding award
  • Spirit of Cricket award

These awards will be made at the discretion of the Team Coach and presented to players at the end of season prize-giving ceremony. Players may not receive more than one team award.

Players are also eligible to receive other Club awards which are determined from the team statistics that are submitted to the Club after each game.  Refer Club Trophies and Awards.

Outstanding performances by individual players are also recorded by the Club - refer Club Records.

Centurions Club

Tradition is very important at the University Cricket Club. The club recognises every player after they have played 100 games for the Club by presenting them with a special “Centurion's Cap”.  They are then officially inducted into the Centurions Club.  It will take a player approximately seven seasons to reach this milestone.

Refer Club Records.

Inter-club fixtures

Every season a team will be selected from all the Year 4 teams to represent the Club in the following traditional fixtures:

  • Kohi Cup versus Ellerslie CC
  • Stephen Fleming Willow and Aces versus Parnell CC
  • University Shield Quadrangular tournament (2 games)
  • Tamaki Cup versus Grafton CC

The representative team is called the Junior Blues. These traditional fixtures are played on Sundays - refer Club Events Calendar

Selection criteria for the inter-club fixtures

The Club’s Junior Coaching Coordinator will act in the role of Convenor of Selectors.  All coaches will be involved in the selection process and selections for the Junior Blues squad will be based on player statistics, current form and a selection trial.

However, because of the higher playing standard and more competitive environment in these games, players will be selected on merit.

You can find out how the Junior Blues have performed in previous seasons under About AUCC >> Traditional Fixtures from the top menu.

Club Manager

The Club employs a Club Manager who is responsible for the control, direction and instruction of anyone employed by the Club and the administration of the Club’s affairs in accordance with the direction given by the elected Board of Management. Refer Elected Office Bearers >>.


Complaints on any matters with the way the club is administered or the conduct of any of its employees, volunteers or members should be referred in the first instance to the Grade Convenor.  If circumstances should not allow this then the complaint should be made directly to the Junior Club Captain or the Chairman of the Board of Management.

Under no circumstances shall a member, volunteer or parent directly reprimand an employee of the Club.